Women and coaches of women, wild.ai is sending out beta invites

I’m pretty excited about the possibilities here, even though it sounds like they’re focused on runners and triathletes:

WILD AI gives you daily training, nutrition, and recovery recommendations that sync with your menstrual cycle, and our running and triathlon training plans.

More at the website (or without the referral) and the obligatory thinkpiece.


I see Stacy Sims is part of the team.

I wonder how they’ll adapt their algorithm for people who use a birth control pill.


Or women who don’t have a period (like I suspect the majority of elite athletes in sports where weight is an issue).

Yeah same. That was one of the questions in the survey, so they’re at least thinking about it.

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First priority in that case has to be fixing that situation outside of the app, right? I’m not sure machine-generated recommendations for training through amenorrhea are a good idea.


Not sure if “fixing” is the right word - for some women it is a conscious choice: trading health for performance.

But probably that’s OT since the tool is certainly made for eumenorrheic women.

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Wow it gives you a performance gain? I’d only read that it’s a limiter because it kills your recovery rate and energy levels (and bone density, heh).

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It’s not something that gets talked about a lot, but from my limited insights I’d say that amenorrhea is pretty common in strong female climbers (cycling), runners, duathletes,…

My n=1: I’ve been competing both with and without a regular period, mostly without, and my w/kg are much better in an amenorrheic state, recovery is unchanged.

The thing about bone density is problematic.


Thanks for this. I’ve signed up. I’m up for anything related to Stacy Sims. ROAR was a game changer for me.


Anybody else get to install the beta yet? It had some pretty hilarious advice for me on a Bluebell day:

I’ll just keep staying at home then.

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I got access yesterday. On a day when I chose to take an extra rest day it validated that by telling me to take it easy for the next few days.
The protein recommendations seem NUTS though - 136-150g + an extra 45-50 post workout.

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WOW that’s a lot. I do appreciate the specific amounts with sample foods, instead of relative amounts and then go figure it out yourself.

This is interesting. I’ve recently downloaded the FitrWoman app to try and find some semblance of reason on my energy level fluctuations. It’s a bit clunky but I’ll take what I can get. Does anyone know of any other female-focused training apps/trackers?

My advice for Saturday:

Saturday on my calendar:


This is fine. :flushed:

I tried FitrWoman for a bit, but I got impatient with the loading screens. I use Clue, but that’s just tracking, no training.

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@ellotheth Yes, I got that same message last week. After almost a year of tracking my cycle through FitrWoman I understand the message’s point but there’s no way I’m gong to take four days off. I just enjoy Z1-Z2 rides outside.

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I use FitrWoman to verify my cycle phases. Wild.ai isn’t especially helpful unless you’re new to this processes. Must say Wild.ai is spot on as far as my low energy and low motivation days go. I make annotations in TR about energy, stress and motivation levels the week prior (orange marker) and the four days of my period (red marker). At this point it’s all very predictable for me and I’m playing with pushing a week down versus changing to endurance ride each day it’s needed.

If it makes a difference, I do not use birth control. I track high fertility days though Garmin, FitrWoman and Apple Health. 43 years old.

Intervals.icu now has menstrual cycling tracking along with other wellness stuff (HRV etc):


The research is in there, and any birth control is covered

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