Ladies and custom training plans

Any other ladies here using custom training plan feature? Would love to hear your feedback. For example does TR take into account your biological sex or age?


Welcome to the forum. At present, the Plan Builder does not use age or biological sex for setting plans.

The TR podcast group has commented on podcasts that those types of considerations are something they would like to address in one way or another, but there is nothing in place right now.

Maybe @ambermalika can give you more specific info?

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Very good question and I myself was wondering the exact same thing.

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I’m a 52 year old female, I used Plan Builder to set up my training for the next year using dates for a number of races I’d like to try in 2021. I am brand new to structured bike training, just starting week 6 of Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume 1 (it’s 5 days/wk). I’ve been loving the workouts but no there is no specification for your gender or age when you set stuff up. Since I’m new to bike training I’ve had to use the -1 or -2 versions for some of the workouts because I’m just not used to being on a bike this much but I seem to be adapting well so far. I’ll be doing a ramp test in a week so we’ll see how I’ve improved.

There have been some topics on this message board about adapting plans for older athletes but I haven’t seen anything about women’s specific plans.


I’ve found it useful to have rest week hit the same week as menses, mostly for overheating reasons. Otherwise I’ve not found any specifics beyond as Amber has previously mentioned just being aware of body/mental cues when engaging in training.


Thank you for your responses. I guess your FTP would regulate the intensity, no matter who you are so perhaps I’m more worried about being ‘mature’!
I am really interested in trying this out, just want to make the right decision particularly as I want to use the plan for triathlon training, not just cycling.
Also worried about tax being added to the bill for a UK user- decisions, decisions. I know, just do it!

In regards to older athletes, the main guidance is about emphasizing recovery as a priority that can mean having less intensity in a given week (limit time and number of hard sessions) as well as taking more frequent recovery weeks (ex: 2 to 1 work week to recovery week ratio vs a typical 3 to 1).

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