WKO4 End of Life

I just found out that Training Peaks terminated WKO4 due to some SSL certificate. I like some of the features including power profiling and modelled FTP. IS there functions similar to this included in TR subscription or other software packages. Do not feel like shelling out $250 AU for WKO5 that won’t give me much more than WKO4 did.

If you have WKO4 you should have an email that gives you a 50% off coupon.

And before June 17th!

I just think a company withdrawing support for a program for their own financial gain to then make you purchase something to continue doing what you were already doing is poor business ethics.

I agree, but is the software now totally non-functional or is it one part of the software (e.g. syncinc with TP) ?

syncing. That was part of the features when advertised for sale. So it would be fair to upgrade exisiting users to WKO5 free of charge. Or sort the syncing issue out. Whatever is more cost effective to the company.

I’m not sure that’s right.

I’ve been working in enterprise software for about 25 years and never seen a (proprietary, not-open-source) system operate that way. A vendor is not obliged to continue to support a product beyond a certain point. You see it all the time where software reaches end of support life, by way of example: in operating systems, middleware, databases and applications. You can’t even log a support call after a point in time, without being told you have to upgrade. Just because software is endlessly reproducible from a single master copy (unlike, say, a bike which requires resources to go into every copy) doesn’t mean its creator should support it endlessly.

TrainingPeaks is also under no obligation to give you a discount on the new product, so the fact that they’ve done so is an act of good faith on their part.

Keep in mind that the product they have produced is extremely advanced and I’d imagine their development and support team is not huge. It doesn’t make financial sense to support old products beyond a certain point. And more than that, most companies (other than the massive ones) simply wouldn’t have the resources to do so even if they wanted to.