Withings (Nokia) Body + Scales

Just got these and noticed some strange behaviour in the synchronisation with other apps. I have the health mate app synchronising with myfitnesspal, training peaks and apple health. The bodyfat % that the scale and health mate display is correctly displayed in apple health. However it is consistently 0.9% lower in myfitnesspal and training peaks. Which seems very, very odd. I know these are popular scales on here s does anyone else see this behaviour? Thanks

It has been happening with me syncing to training peaks as well the last few days, super annoying.

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Today it sync’d the correct bodyfat but wrong weight! Training Peaks suggest they just display what they are sent from the API - but it’s correct in Apple Health so I would assume that uses the same API? Withings haven’t got back to me yet…

I’ve noticed the same on TP the last few days. I’ve raised a support ticket and waiting on a response.

Got a reply from Withings which was to make sure my height and sex settings in all the apps matched! I did have cm in one and ft in in another so have changed them to match now. Will see what happens with tomorrows weigh in then

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Thanks, ill give that a try and see what happens tomorrow. Although I am pretty sure its the same in both already. It was off again for me this morning, 73kg vs 73.3 and fat mass was off by .5%.

Same with me - profiles match and still the weight and body fat are off

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Off again today, double checked the profiles as well and they both match. I have messaged Training Peaks but am still waiting to hear back.

Got a response from Withings - they found the bug and will release an update “in the near future”


Awesome! Just saw this, glad to hear it is being updated.

Seems to be fixed for me, todays weigh in updated correctly on trainingpeaks.

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