Wipperman Connex 11SX

Long time and satisfied user of the KMC X11SL but, want to try the Wipperman Connex 11SX. Similar, better, worse? General comments welcome.

Since I started using Wipperman chains 3 seasons ago, I’ve never looked back. I don’t have experience with the 11 speed chains, as I’ve only got 8 speed and 9 speed set ups, but I find they not only run and shift more smoothly than KMC and Shimano, they also seem to last significantly longer. The Connex link is by far the best design for a quick link, and I’d use it regardless of which chain I had. I was unable to get a Wipperman chain last time I needed a new one, as they are becoming hard to find in Canada it seems, but I still put the quick link into the Shimano chain I ended up with, and haven’t had any issues. The Shimano chain is definitely wearing faster though, and I’m on the hunt for a Wipperman replacement (with reasonable shipping)

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I’ve literally just read this chain article, Wipperman chains don’t seem to fair that well


Interested to hear more. I’m a rather simple guy, Ultegra 8000 chain, keep whole drivetrain clean, treat with Rock N Roll GOLD every 10 hours when ridden outside, every 20 when inside. My chain has 8,139mi and is still within spec according to my Park Tool stretch gauge. I’ve thought about trying waxing my next one, but not sure when that will be at the rate this one is wearing. R8000 chainrings have the same 8,139 and still look great too, The 8000 cassette has 5000ish road miles and is not showing signs of wear either. I’m just a believer of keeping things clean by taking care of it after every ride or two, at least wiping things down, and things last

Eagle GX chain has 500mi so obviously still in great shape.

This was the kmc I replaced recently after about only 1000 miles of use

In the past I used KMC X11SL. I found it ok, wear was ok, but I found that the shifting on my (then) drive train combo was not quite 100% - Praxis rings, Shimano Cassette and Kmc chain.

On the advice of a mechanic, who said ‘mixing’ components can sometimes contribute to flaky shifting, I switched to a Dura Ace HG901 Chain and never looked back. Now currently using it in conjunction with Sisl2 spidering and Shimano cassette.

If I’m running Shimano cassette and/or rings, I’d always use a Shimano chain.

That broken link…dodged a bullet there :flushed:

Tell me about it!!!
Spotted it about 36 hours before I sent my bike to Poznan, quick trip to LBS the next day for a new chain

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Interesting and again no complaints with KMC. I switched from Shimano chains to KMC years ago. Life was better for sure and shifting was hard to tell if the same better or worse (SRAMeTap) and SRAM cassettes. Long time SRAM user and if I didn’t run eTap I’d go back to Shimano. In my minds eye it just seems like tolerance and quality is better. While I have the spacing worked out on my GXP cranks…they suck.

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