Difference between 11sp chains from different manufacturers?

Hey guys, I just bought an aftermarket chain and there seems to be a 0.5mm or 1mm difference in width of the narrow links. As a result its not working very well with my SRAM red. Anyone noticed this before with PYC YBN KMC chains? 1mm is small but seem a big diff for a chain (esp width not length). Is there a chance they sent me the wrong speed (eg 10 vs 11) how would I tell?

Hmm i haven’t measures them but i have no problem with kmc chains on my sram bikes.

how old is your casette. it’s common that if there is even a little wear it may not mesh properly.I thought that Shimano and Shram are supposed to be identical. I use YBN and KMC often both work very very well with Shimano.

SRAM’s 11-speed drive trains are by design 100 % compatible with Shimano’s 11-speed drive trains. You can use SRAM cassettes on Shimano groupsets, Shimano chains on SRAM groupsets, etc. It should just work. I agree with @Adrian_Williams, drive train problems after changing the chain point to a worn-out cassette and/or chain rings, depending on what kind of problems you encounter: in my experience a worn out cassette used with a new chain will lead to shifting problems that you won’t be able to get rid off by playing with the cable tension. Worn chain rings are easy to spot, they have a shark tooth pattern, and usually here the chain either jumps or drops completely when you give your bike the full beans.

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Did you cut the chain to the proper length? Presumably the same length as your last chain would be the easy choice.

Usually some selection of the chain link links will be stamped with info about the chain. You might see a 10 or X stamped on the 10sp chains, whereas you should see an 11 on the 11speed. The quick-links are very likely to say as well.

thanks all.