Which 12 speed Shimano MTB chain?

My current SLX chain is almost worn, so I’m looking to get a new one. I was wondering if it is worth going with XT, XTR or maybe even a different brand, mainly from a durability perspective.

I couldn’t find much info on the interwebs as far as actual numbers comparing the different versions, so I’d love to know what you guys recommend.

I dont think you can go wrong with the XT chain, shimano makes some of the best chains out there.

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I usually go with KMC, partly because back in the day Shimano didn’t ship with a quick/master link preferring instead to stick with their one-use pin.

These days I just go with what’s available - this last year here in the UK has been a nightmare for sourcing bike parts/spares.

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The one you can get hold of.

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Getting hold of them doesn’t seem to be an issue where I live atm. So I’d just like to know if any increased durability is worth the higher price.

XTR/DA. I don’t think they’re even much more than XT/Ultegra?

XTR for me. Not much of an increase in price. Biggest benefit I’ve found is it is more resilient against rust compared to XT

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I do likewise for the same reason. I had doubts when one chain got a warped link after a few 100 miles and despite almost looking new but touchwood everyone I’ve had since has been good for 1000s of miles.

I’ve found I have still been able to source KMC chains in the UK but unless I want to pay ridiculous amounts I can’t be fussy about EL, SEL, Silver v Grey etc

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.
Price difference over here is about 10 euro’s, so it seems well worth it to go for XTR then.

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