Waxing a Wipperman chain

Does anyone have experience waxing an 11 speed wipperman chain using MSW? I think I read somewhere that the tolerances are too tight for the wax to penetrate unless you literally run it on a machine but can’t seem to figure out if that’s just a myth. I know that if you leave it in the wax for an extra hour or so it should penetrate in theory… I’ve waxed KMC chains with MSW before with no issues, but just want to see if it’s actually possible for this brand. It looks like wattshop uses the KMC chains for their 11 speed chains.

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Yeah, this is what I saw, but then I’m also seeing on Amazon that one guy had success waxing it so I’m wondering if that’s just smoke and I couldn’t seem to find that thread for real on slowtwitch

I use wipperman 10 speed chains and MSW , no problems. Also I haven’t found any difference in time soaking, and 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient in my opinion.

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I have been waxing a Wipperman 11-speed chain since this spring. Seems to work fine. I notice no real difference between it and a waxing a regular Ultegra chain.

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I’ve waxed a Wipperman 11-speed. That part was fine. The problem came when the chain was .01 mm wider than Campagnolo allows. Caused nothing but shifting problems the whole way through. Just double check compatibility with your drive train and you should be fine.

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Like any chain you want to make sure it soaks long enough to get up above the wax melting temperature. When you first drop a room temp chain into hot wax, you’ll get a layer of hardened wax on the outside surface of the chain. As the chain heats up, everything will equalize in temp. Hotter the wax the quicker that will happen. After the chain is up to temp, some agitation will help get the wax between the plates and pins. I’d be concerned that 5 min wouldn’t be enough for hot pots at the lower end of the temp range. That said, MSW’s recommendation of 1 hr plus is excessive.

Yeah, I know haha it’s super easy if you just follow the instructions on their site for cleaning and waxing. I have a friend who only dunked his in for like a minute and I was like sick dude have fun with that! My only concern was that it was “too tight” to be waxed due to the production process of the chain but it seems like that’s not going to be an issue. Cheers!

MSW actually recommends starting from cold and letting the chain come up to temp with the wax. That’s why it takes the hour (which seems right for my crock pot). That’s what I usually do, though sometimes a second chain has to go in to the hot wax.

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This is a great video explaining one way to wax a chain. He emphasizes letting the wax cool down to 150 F with the chain in it. The wax is less runny and should stick to the chain. Plus, dumping the chain into water immediately hardens the wax quickly to make sure that there is no run off.

I was skeptical but the method really does work. The downside is the cooling and reheating of wax. Makes the whole waxing process that much longer. I think that doing a batch of chains like this then using squirt lube to touch up a few times is the best approach