Best chain for 12 speed eagle

What’s the best chain for 12 speed eagle (mtb). Looking for the fastest. Have heated ultrasonic cleaner, slow cookers, and speed wax ready! Thanks!

X01 and XX1 are the same other than the gold bling.

Rainbow/oil slick chain will hopefully be available separately soon.

I buy the black XX1 for the coating for races, use a regular X01 the rest of the time.

According to Zero Friction Cycling the KMC chains are significantly faster than the SRAM Eagle chains, nowhere near as durable but sounds like they would make a good race day chain.

How does the Shimano XTR chain rate? How about the YBN? So far…KMC looks like it’s winning on this thread for “fastest”.

I’m going YBN!

I had the lower grade GX eagle gear on my bike when it shipped. The lower grade eagle chain sucks. Too soft and easy to stretch IMO.
I have the gold one on now and love the corrosion resistance from the nitrile coating. Not that I’ve tried the KMC version yet.

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