Winter training plan

I’m trying to put together a training plan.
Weekdays I have 45 mins available - say 4 days.
Then on weekends I can do longer rides.
Can anyone suggest the best training plan for me?

What do you want to do with the fitness?

Plan selection is best with a particular discipline (or more) defined if possible, and a potential timeline for an A-event if that is appropriate.

Here is the primary resource with a range of disciplines and plan adjustment articles.

I’m looking to loose weight, gain strength and increase FTP.
Doing some 100 mile Gran Fondos and a few crit races early next year.

Stolen from a my reply to a similar, general approach:

Overly simple idea to start:

  1. Sweet Spot Base

  2. General Build (if you want some options for kicks and sprint efforts) or Sustained Power Build (to focus on continuous efforts)

  3. Likely Rolling Road Race Specialty or Century Specialty

Thanks for this but most of the sessions are 1hr/1hr30/2hr long. That is fine for weekends but during the week I only get 45 minutes.
Would you suggest doing more Vo2 max sessions or similar??

My bad, I read that and forgot is as I looked for the references.

The quick option for 45 minute workout plans is to use the Time Crunch 45 plan from the Specialty, Enthusiast section.

  1. You could blend between the Low Volume (3 days) and Mid Volume (5 days) to get a mix, if you want 4 days from a plan.

  2. Or just use the Low Volume and add the weekend rides.