Windows app loses power devices in workout only

Strange issue going on here. Last Saturday, mid workout, my power dropped to zero and stayed there. All devices were detected (Vector 3s, Tacx Flux S, HRM, etc) via ANT+. I restarted the app, rebooted the PC, un/replugged the ANT+ stick, and I could even recalibrate both sources of power (Vectos and Tacx) to no avail. At this point my heart wasn’t in it, so I called it.

Next ride comes around (today), PC has been rebooted, TrainerRoad app got an update, calibrated devices, start my ride, and zero for power still. Restart, reboot, replug, re-pair. Finally, the only thing that works is un/reinstall the TR windows app. This works for a couple of warmup intervals, then the same thing happens again. Whole process again, this time even pairing everything via Bluetooth, but end up eventually un/reinstalling the app again.

Workout completes this time, however during every “on” interval (workout was Emerald -3 FWIW) the resistance drops what seems like every 40-60 seconds or so (see screenshot).

No idea what’s going on here, but already not looking forward to my next ride and the 35 minutes it’ll take just to get started.

Any ideas/things I should try/things I’m missing? I also noticed that each time I un/reinstalled the app, I was automatically logged right back in. Where does this information get stored on the PC so I can do a “true” clean un/reinstall?

Hey there! Sorry to see you’re having some trouble with device dropouts.

For starters: if it’s possible, we’d recommend connecting everything with Bluetooth. Bluetooth tends to provide a more reliable connection than ANT+, which may solve your connectivity issues right off the bat here.

If you’d prefer to stick with ANT+, though, I think it would be worth seeing if everything works correctly with an alternative fitness app. Since you’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the TR app, it sounds like something may be up with the ANT+ dongle itself. Since you have a Tacx trainer, you could test this out using something like the Tacx Training App, where you can pair up your devices and perform a brief test ride to see how stable your ANT+ connection is. That will help us determine where the problem lies so we can get things sorted for you.

You can also check out our TR Support article on the subject for some additional information:

Keep me posted on how things are looking and let me know if you have any additional questions!