Will be in Bondi 3rd of April, do I plan on riding indoor or outdoor?

I’m going to Australia for 2.5wks in April and will have a short week (Sun-Thu) of free time in Bondi at the end before returning home. I know that until we get to Bondi, it’s likely I’ll only have time for running though I may be able to get into the pool or ocean, too. I’ll take run kit and swim kit, but I’m trying to figure out the cycling bit.

My first question: suggestions on indoor cycling options in the Bondi area or strong recommendations on safe outdoor cycling routes in the area?

Indoor cycling means I’ll just take my cleats, bib/shirt, and possibly pedals. Outdoor means helmet, too, a bulky item. I’m inclined to want to stick indoors not just because of packing light but because I’m wary of cycling where motorists don’t like cyclists. Looking at a map, being in Bondi means having to cycle a while through Sydney to get to open roads. The apparent additional travel time to/from ‘good riding’ also nudges me toward indoor sessions.

Second question: I’m training for ironman so I’m also thinking ‘short’ 1-3hrs on a trainer for maintenance (preventing losing too much) during this trip is adequate. This isn’t a training camp but a family trip, after all. My “A” race isn’t until mid-August and my first race of the season, a half-IM, is two-weeks after we return home.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any suggestions specific to that location, but here’s a blog post we wrote on this exact topic!

You’re right, indoor cycling seems like the easiest to pack for and definitely the safest.

About what to do over the vacation period, you’re spot on. Basically, you’re just doing maintenance and working to keep up your level of fitness, not necessarily building on it. Also, you have plenty of time until your A event, so enjoy this time with your family first and foremost!!

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I’d hit some indoor sessions and then hit the beach for some recovery time!

@larry, thanks. The indoor training – after identifying a gym or indoor studio – will likely be the plan. Safest and most economical with time. The current plan is to time the recovery cycle with the trip. This will mean an extended upswing while being careful not to overdo it.

The plan is to get in some ocean swimming, if the shark threat is low (I recall a news story a few months ago about the threat going up, but hopefully I’m wrong). There is an outdoor pool at the beach as well, plus other pools of course.