Why has deception -3 disappeared?

Yesterday I was messing around a bit with FTP AI which messed up my progress levels. To which AT messed up my schedule. So I wanted to manually select the workouts scheduled before messing with my progress levels. So Yesterday I chose Wright Peak -6 and could also select Deception-3. Today I started to doubt if I could do Wright peak and wanted to do Deception-3 which i did last week before the slight ftp bump but the workout isn’t listed anymore as an alternative (deception -3 is an 7.9 sweet spot workout)

Its there for me. I think I’ll give it a miss though :rofl:

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Because you have got a filter on Stretch when it is classified Breakthrough maybe?

I can see it from the workout lists but it’s not in the workout alternates

It’s 7.9 so between the 7.7 and 8.6 workouts i can see

Oh I get you now, in between meetings I never picked that up. I wonder why TR thinks that its not now a valid alternative for your workout if it was a valid alternative for the same workout previously :thinking: I suppose you could manually bypass the alternate function :thinking:

Yes and the weird thing it was an alternative yesterday

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I think that alternates take into account the workout format. For example, if you have threshold over/unders and want an alternate, it’ll provide other over/unders, not continuous intervals. In this case, the Wright Peak family is continuous intervals while the Deception family is a hard starts, so they aren’t necessarily analogous in the TR world.

It is because it is on the cross over (threshold) of Stretch / Breakthrough (a PL of 0.1 in it) and the alternatives automatically filter… just change the filter and it will show under the alternatives.

Maybe but I swear it was there yesterday, i was comparing it to last week’s iteration before my ftp bump

Ah, I missed this comment earlier… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Maybe it is because of the hard start, and wright peak doesn’t have a hard start… seems odd if it was an alternative for the same or similar session last week though.

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it was even an option for this session yesterday

I made an topic earlier about some other weirdness and screenshotted my calender as you can see there were other hard start sweet spot intervals there but right now I cannot even select them as an alternate

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Why has deception -3 disappeared?

Because you were deceived?

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