AI FTP detection and workout levels

hi, everyone.

last week i finished SSB LV 1, and obtained a new ftp with the AI FTP detection system. my progression levels adjusted accordingly. however my workout recommendations did not: AI recommends me workouts way above my new progression levels.

for instance, I have a 6.6 in sweetspot; AI recommends me a 8.6 sweetspot workout; next week, a 8.8; the following week, a 9.2; and a 7.8 in the last week.

i don’t know. of course, there should be some kind of progression but i believe it’s way too much.

i contacted with the support team a couple of times: they don’t seem able to fix the issue since it keeps happening everytime.

any guess?

thank you

It can take a while (sometimes a few days even) for AT to suggest new workouts

What responses do you give in the post workout survey? If everything feels easy this might be the reason for increases. Otherwise it seems weird.

If in doubt, hit up support and they’ll (quickly) check it out for you :slight_smile:


I had something similar, where after a bump in ftp all my workouts for the next two weeks or so were ‘stretch’ rather than ‘productive’. Support told me that the workout catalogue had deficiencies so there were no ‘productive’ workouts of the correct length to meet my requirement. They are currently working on adding more workouts to fill these gaps - perhaps your issue is similar?

When this happened to me I had moved a ramp test up a few days and the next phase was beginning a few days later.

If you did this and then drag the label for the next phase “build” or “base 2” or whatever to the day of the ramp test or Ai FTP detection it should progress all the future workouts down.

This problem happened to me but moving the labels for the start of the new phase fixed it (this was the days before Ai FTP detection)