AT suggesting lower PL levels further down the road (8.6->8.2->8.4)

Yesterday I finished a 7.9 sweet spot workout, I got a few recommendations from AT, my next sweet spot is to be 8.6 but the next week only 8.2 then the week after 8.4 (doing sustained power build LV)

(also it is suggesting a 4.8 threshold workout as productive whereas my current level is already 4.8)

I would only look at the next workout or 2. AT will further adjust your plan next week and beyond the closer you get to the day.

But these workouts were changed like this by AT after completion of the SS 7.9 workout like that

Note that not all workouts prescribed will have a “Productive” WL, typically the weekend SS-workout in Build phase can be "Achievable.

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