Adaptive training “Breakthrough” workouts

I have had two “breakthrough “ workouts where I did Kaweah at 15W over FTP. I’m puzzled why my progression level for threshold didn’t make a big step up. Any ideas/thoughts?

Did it go up at all?

I think that’s a question for the customer support team.


@mcneese.chad maybe move to the beta thread?

Generally speaking I would do that. But the size of that thread now, prevents merge operations. I’ve been waiting on TR to apply something with respect to AT thread management here, but have not seen anything yet.


I’d think a separate section like we have “equipment” and “training” etc would be useful

Well, this legitimately falls within the TR Software category.

The main issue is that I would like most of these beta experience comments in a dedicated thread. Right now we have 2 separate threads that overlap (the announcement one and the update one). Neither should have been used as they have been, for user comments.

We don’t need a new category, we need proper use of the ones we already have.


Maybe the announcement thread could be locked and only used by admin for announcements, but that would then pile everything into the other thread. Then again having separate threads for various AT issues probably isn’t a bad thing, but we could probably condense all the cloud yelling into one from all the folks who haven’t used AT and still know it sucks

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Right, I didn’t spill my entire plan that I wish had been used. Your comments are covered by what I had in mind.

I talked to TR about this issue and my ideas over 3 months ago, and multiple times since then. They have not taken action or allowed me to do what I want, so I have just been doing minimal cleanup. Less than ideal for an OCD person like myself. Not sure what else to do in this situation :man_shrugging:


Hey @Yukonranger,

I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having with your most recent workouts. Looking at your workout and progression history, something is definitely off. It seems like the vast majority of your outside workouts are not registering properly, which is preventing AT from doing it’s job.

Super frustrating, I know.

Go ahead and shoot us an email at and we will get your case in front of our AT developers ASAP, so sorry for the trouble.


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Looks like maybe you use a Wahoo head unit? I think outside rides recorded on Wahoo are still not syncing correctly with AT.

I am seeing something similar where I just signed up for AT and recently successfully completed stretch and breakthrough workouts with no increase. Does it have something to do with outdoor workouts (on Garmin) where I tacked on additional Z2 miles and that might mess up some of the classification?

For example, I did a 5.5 Vo2 workout at wellll above the prescribed intervals and I have a 1.5 Vo2 rating. I wonder if the additional miles caused it to see the workout as a failure? I have a green check mark so I assume that means completed successfully.

I do extra miles before and after and mine have progressed properly.

But I have given up on AT. I have it on, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. The threads are a mess, announcements and information doesn’t exist, and I think it is over blown hype to sell a product.