Trainer Road/Strava question

The end of the year is approaching and I am curious as to how many “miles” I rode indoors vs outdoors. Strava tags my workouts on TR as indoor cycling but I have never been able to separate them in my yearly totals. All my indoor workouts were on TR.

They just sent out a stats email. Doesn’t include indoor vs outdoor miles but it will show you number of activities as well as total time for each.

There’s a browser extension call Stravastix that adds some extra stuff to strava web page. On your profile page where it shows your yearly totals, it adds a drop down where you can filter by “total” or “virtual”.

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Found it! I found that Stravastix is now Elevate which I had. I found the toggle for ride type. Thanks

My stats distinguished indoor from outdoor miles. Yours didn’t?

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Nope they all just show up as miles on Strava but when I filter the inside workouts out in Elevate I can see just the outside.

Hmm. I don’t why it’s different for me, but I see two distinct distances for outdoor vs. indoor:

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I’m not sure how to do a screen shot on my laptop but here is my profile page…well that didn’t work. It shows yesterdays ride but I think you can see my profile from there.

Ah, yes. On your default profile page they don’t call out the separate types. My screen shot was from their “Year in Sport” page. You should be able to access yours here:

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My year in sports only shows one thing on the page you screen shot. It shows the total mileage

Trainerroad doesn’t technically classify as a “virtual ride”, but zwift does, so if you upload your zwift rides instead of the tr ones, you would be able to distinguish. I have a different bike I ride on inside, so I use gear to distinguish them. I also use veloviewer, which is an inexpensive tool that connects to strava and gives you tons of analytics that you can use to see how many miles you’ve ridden in any year on any bike and more.


After uploading TR workouts to Strava, I edit their category in Strava, changing it to “Workout.” Strava still logs the miles. This lets me breakout my TR “rides” in “My Activities” and keep those miles out of my road miles tally. It’s not a perfect solution though - once categorized as a workout, these activities are neither (in the eyes of Strava) a Run, Ride, or Multisport activity, so they don’t show up on the Training Log page. They do show up in the Year in Sport report.

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