Why did I get the standard survey rather than the cut short survey

I was exhausted today and couldn’t finish Three Sisters. I stopped during the last interval. Why did I get the standard survey and not the cut short survey? That has never happened before. Is that a bug or a new feature?

I just checked out your account – I think you may have done just enough of that last interval to have Adaptive Training mark the workout as “Complete.”

I noticed you marked your survey as “Very Hard.” For the future, we’d call a workout where you were exhausted and couldn’t finish “All Out.” That change in the survey response will definitely let AT know that you didn’t complete the workout as planned and suggest adaptations for you accordingly.

Post-Workout Survey responses can be added/edited for up to a week, so it wouldn’t hurt to make that change if you think it would benefit your plan’s next workout(s).

Hope this info helps – feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!

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