Post-Workout Survey Question

This may have already been asked and answered many times in the past, but…

When completing the post-workout survey, should I score it based on the workout as prescribed OR the workout as executed?

For example, if I am doing a workout that would ordinarily be easy, but bump up the difficulty a few percent or just plain over-perform some of the intervals (I know, bad idea), should I mark it “moderate” based on the actual effort pedalled or “easy” based on the original prescribed intervals?


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Our advice is “don’t overthink things” – just answer based on how you felt. :wink:


Here is the long-winded answer from the support article:

How should you respond to a Survey if you go harder/easier than what your workout prescribes?

The survey response should reflect the work you completed during the workout. For instance, if you increase the intensity, answer how the workout felt to you at that increased intensity and not based on how the workout felt in relation to the original intensity.

Remember, there’s no need to overthink it. Just give a quick snapshot response according to how you felt overall, and Adaptive Training will do the rest.


@IvyAudrain What should you do if the workout as prescribed, and executed was “moderate”, but you did the silly and inexperienced thing of the superman finish and that one 3-5minute section was “all-out”?

Yo! In that case, we’d advise responding “moderate” based on the majority of your workout/how it was “supposed” to go outside of that all-out effort at the end.

The fact that you could go all-out at the end would also make me think the workout felt “moderate” – otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have had enough left in the tank to empty it in the first place!


Thanks Zack!

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