Why did I get an Xert Breakthrough?


Recently re-joined TR, 3rd workout in and today when it synced to Strava it looked like this:


I dont have an active Xert account and as you can see the ride does indicate TR. I checked my old Xert account and the activity is not there.

Probably a better question for Strava support…


LOOOOOOOL. I won’t hold my breath.

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Just disable the xert approved app in strava.

It was already disconnected and in disabled mode. Bizarre.

Yep, contact Strava. It looks like it’s connected, still, and Xert is pushing things through. But, maybe you have a different Xert account sync’d…and it’s not the one you think it is.

The reasons why it was pushed through are suggest above, the reason it was a breakthrough is related to the decay of your TP without feeding your profile over time.

Check whether there is still an approval for Xert to access your strava under: Log In | Strava . If so: remove the connection and/or complain to Xert.

If not, you found a security bug in Strava (xert accessing your account without your authorization) and should complain to Strava. That would be a serious security issue, so my money is on the previous option.

Anyway, Trainerroad has nothing to do with this. This is Xert seeing that you did a ride (by getting the data from strava), analyzing the ride, and updating the title and summary, because apparently that’s how you set up xert in the past.

“Different account synced” - apologies this was the case. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: