Problem in syncing with Strava

My problem (which I didn’t see resolved or evoked on the forum) is that when I sync my Strava with trainerroad, it put not my activities but these of a friend of me (excuse my english, i’m not a native speaker). In the same problem, my activities on trainerroad are loaded on his own count on Strava. Or the fact is that it is really my account that I connected (I don’t know his passwords lol).
If anyone can help me, I will be very grateful.

Hey there @Fichf,

There is actually a pretty simple reason as to how this may have happened. When you are in your Activity Sync settings on your TrainerRoad account, clicking “Connect” in the Strava section will link to whatever Strava account is logged in on your device. Is there any chance that your friend was logged into Strava on the device that you used to set up your Activity Sync?

Regardless, there is a simple solution! :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to your Activity Sync page on your TrainerRoad web account and click “Disconnect” in the Strava section.

When asked if you want to keep or delete your synced data, select “Delete Data.”

From there, you’ll want to first ensure that you’re logged into your personal Strava account before reconnecting your TR account to Strava by clicking the “Connect” button.

Your friend will have to follow the same steps and disconnect their account as well before reconnecting to their correct personal account.

Let me know if you have any questions along the way!

@eddiegrinwald - would doing this delete any comments written in TR’s notes section? I am having an issue with a recent outdoor ride and support asked me to delete the data. I did not, but I think support might have on their own and it looks like my outdoor rides over the last 8 years have lost all comments. I am anxiously waiting a TR response, but I have a bad feeling that they are gone.

Hey @llmonty, are you talking about the notes in relation to the workout itself, as shown below?

If the activity has been deleted, I’m not sure if the notes can be brought back. It might depend on whether it was a TR activity or not, though, because deleted workouts can sometimes be recovered. Still, I’m not 100% sure if the notes will be attached or not. I would wait for a response from your service ticket to see what’s actually happened here.

I can take a look to make sure someone’s on it!

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Yes, those notes. It sounds like they are trying to get them back, but I fear they are gone forever. 8 years-worth of notes on over 600 rides outside, recapping my fitness, event outcomes, workout adherence, bike tech, mental state, nutrition, and really, life.

I did not choose delete data myself, so I assume TR support may have. In fact, I asked if deleting data would remove these comments, because the same advice deleted comments from a week+'s worth of rides this summer that I could not get back. I will reserve my thoughts until I see if support can get my comments back, but at a minimum this fix should not be recommended without appropriate warnings.

Thanks for the response.

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Thanks for the info @llmonty. I agree that all of this needs to be discussed with the athlete before any of us take things into our own hands. I will communicate this to the rest of the team as a reminder.

I hope things work out with your workout history. :crossed_fingers: