Completed workout missing!

I just completed a workout using my iphone. Checked out the results, got a treshold +0,1 and set the feedback to “hard”. All good. Then I checked strava, witch is set to auto sync. No workout. So i killed the TR-app and started it again to make it reload the data, and perhaps sync to strava. But now the TR-app has no sign of the just completed workout. Complete horror off course. Anyone know of a way to find the missing data? And if not, is there a way to set the workout to completed, to get the results into the adaptive training?

Sounds like a broad TR issue may be at the root here:

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Hmmmmm. Sounds like an overall issue here. My app crashed halfway through a workout so i had to use a different app (xert ebc)

Yes, that might be the case! Is that a recent post?

Yes, if you follow the link, you can see the relative time of any post.

Just 17 minutes ago in this case, at the time I grabbed the screenshot.

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Yes, figured it out, did not realise it was a link, sorry. Thanks for the info!

This is probably why my ride from Strava hasn’t uploaded to my Calendar. I disconnected Strava from TR and reconnected, no bueno.

Following up: any affected workouts should be finished automatically processing now that the issue is fully resolved! Sorry for any inconvenienced caused, thanks all.

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Bumping this**

Same exact issue just happened to me…anyone else?


Yes I’ve just contacted TR. They said they were experiencing some server issues but workouts should still appear once it is sorted.

:pray:t2::pray:t2: Thanks for chiming in

Mine has just been pushed through now.

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Mine too :v:t2:

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