Strava to TR not syncing

Wondering why todays outside ride uploaded to strava isn’t syncing to my TR account?

If you haven’t already tried, disconnecting and reconnecting the sync can sometimes solve problems like this.

Tried that twice thanks.

Probably time to contact support then.

TR says its imported my commute (about 20mins ago)from Strava. It seems ok so as said try support if you’re still having problems.

Jeez, this will be my 3rd time contacting them in 3 days for 3 different problems.

I’m having issues as well.
My morning ride did not sync.

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I had to manually upload it as it wasn’t happening.

How you be doin that?!

We’re experiencing a delay in our ride processing and our Engineering Team is working on getting it resolved now.
Affected rides will automatically be processed once the issue is resolved.

Sorry for the trouble, no action is needed on your end other than to be patient and wait for this issue to get fixed, and your workout will appear.

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Radical, thanks Ivy for the quick response.

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Using the web browser upload ride facility