TR workouts not syncing to Strava

Is anyone else having an issue with TR rides not syncing to Strava this morning?

I’ve just checked the Strava Network Status website and according to that everything is online and running.

I did 4 short TR sessions this morning and none of them have synced over to Strava, My previous TR sessions have all synced perfectly and my TR sync link to Strava is still enabled (I’ve just checked).

@Bryce ?

Maybe try this?

Thanks for that. Support also frequent and post support on here. That’s why I tagged Bryce into the post.

My morning workout posted fine this morning! Actually probably quicker than normal (but that’s more network related rather than TR/ Strava)

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Thanks Macy. It’s strange that mine hasn’t.

My ramp test last night posted immediatley, however my recovery spin directly after the ramp test never made it to strava, I had to manually import the fit file.

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The sync should be pretty quick as long as you have a solid internet connection when you finish your workout. After it reaches the TrainerRoad web servers, the time it takes to get to Strava should not be long at all.

If you are experiencing a delay, go ahead and get in touch with support so we can look into why things aren’t syncing properly.

Okay I’ll contact support as my connection was good. I dont appear to be the only one having an issue. See above.

That’s it sent thanks