Which watch for HR to TR, TR to Health 🙂

I’m looking at getting a new watch, been using Watch for years but TR won’t work with Apple Watch or Apple Health.

At the moment the only way I can write to Health is running a Workout on the Watch or running Zwift at the same time, which can take HR from a Watch and write to Health.

Is there a watch that can send (over Bluetooth) HR to TR, and will also write the workout to Apple Health?

I’m thinking a Garmin might?

Not a watch, but a external optical HRM

Scosche’s Rhythm+ 2.0

(get the second generation)

you can even use it for full IM!
I mean… you have 24 hours to finish, but i think you have that covered!

I have a Fenix 6X but personally don’t use the Health App. I just checked - you can add data from garmin connect to health. It seems as it will sync all the metrics garmin connect gathers from the watch such as hr, rhr, sleep, weight, steps, weight, workouts of course and other metrics.

I broadcast HR from my garmin fenix 5s to TR.

I’d forget about an optical HR sensor for TR and go for a HR strap. For health data, I’m sure you’ll get better than it, but I use a vivioactive 3, mainly because I like the aesthetics of it.

and Strava app on Watch: Strava Apple Watch App – Strava Support however I don’t think Strava’s Watch app will track swimming.

I use a Garmin 745 and sync it to health. I don’t use health for anything other than a data collection point (my Oura picks up activities from there) but it all works well.

I had high hopes for Health but IMHO it is not a good repository. On the other hand Health is ok for (limited) data exchange. TrainingPeaks (the free edition) does a great job at archiving all the original data files with whatever was collected at the time (e.g. GPS tracks, HR, etc.).

Health is just a health repository so it works well for that, it just doesn’t do performance which is fine by me. I’m working with TrainingPeaks and TR for performance.

I may have forgotten the all important “it must be bluetooth” :grimacing:

I only use iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Ive found that they added bluetooth broadcasting to the 6 last summer

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Ask apple to create a HRM?

Just get the strap or ohrm… you will be happy with it…
thats what I use on apple devices…

Personal preference - because TR fails to collect temperature, HRV within a ride, and left/right power to name the big ones, my primary recording device when doing indoor workouts on the trainer is my Garmin bike computer.

If I was a triathlete, I’d likely go with a high-end Garmin watch for running/swimming and Edge for cycling. Garmin syncs to Health.

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I agree with this…
I have a 935… works great… I also have a cheap (ish) garmin bike computer for outdoor rides (used as a mirror of the 935).

Garmin is about to release the 955, and it will probably have everything you will ever need… (except an accurate OHRM)…

Is there an ETA?

not that I am aware… but they release the 9 line every 2 years…
945 was 2 years ago…
935 was around this time 4 years ago…
Will see how the pandemic have affect their plans…

Apparently rumor is one model will have LTE… that’s a cool feature…

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It is not the watch but TrainerRoad that needs to get data into Apple Health.
In essence there is no real easy way of doing it without doing as you have been doing; running something else that does write data to Apple Health.

Yes a Garmin watch will put a workout into Apple Health but just as the Apple Watch you will need to run a workout on the Garmin whilst also running TrainerRoad.
My only hope is that all the adaptive training talk will prompt TrainerRoad into linking into Apple Health for a more complete dataset.

My current workaround is with a Wahoo Rival and a Tickr. Just connect the watch to the Kickr, Tickr and power meter. Then run an ‘indoor bike’ session to record to add into Apple Health.

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Farming for everything, Fenix+810+v3+connect App, nothing better. The data you get for free from the Connect App itself blows everything out of the water, and I have an Apple Watch and Suunto.


Why do I find this annoying? :laughing: I don’t want two workouts, I want one! I have been running Apple workout simultaneously this year but inevitably sometimes forget.

My quest to simplify things always seems to complicate things. I don’t really need HR data after all, I just want to inform SkyNet really.

Hey @bbarrera, what way do you run this setup? I’m getting tired of my Garmin telling me I’m unproductive the whole time as it’s not accounting for my TR rides😅. Connect TR to app via BT and record to Garmin with Ant+?

Easiest and also if you love the TR app is to do something like what I did:

  • record with both Garmin and TR app (either both via ANT+, or Garmin ANT+ and TR BT)
  • disable TR syncing to other platforms
  • use Garmin to sync to TR and other platforms (Strava, etc)

Alternative is to sync TR outdoor workouts to your Garmin, and only use Garmin for the workout. Eventually I did this to test out using resistance mode instead of Erg, and now prefer this for a couple reasons.