Scosche 24 HRM paired as a Cadence Sensor

I updated to the latest desktop version of TR on my old Macbook (2012 i think) and paired my trainer, power meter, and heart monitor, the schosche 24 arm band. For some reason It paired as a cadence sensor. I’m using ant+ and have never had this issue in the past. For the last few months I’ve used my phone/bluetooth for TR simultaneously with Zwift using ant+. I’ll grab some screenshots when I get a chance, but has anyone had this happen with other HR monitors?

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Yeah, mate! I reached out to support. Sadly, they haven’t got a Rhythm24 to test with. I’m selling mine, but I did suggest they look at it a bit closer.

Can I ask if you used a Garmin? If so, the Garmin knocks the Rhythm into the cycling mode continuously. If you’re not using the Garmin indoors, you need to change the mode to HR only within the Scosche app.

Complete, faff!! Doesn’t help, because the battery suffers massively when in this ridiculous cadence mode too.

My issue was that TR would pick up the Scosche Cadence and Scoshe HR as separate sensors. I ended up turning off the new Native Bluetooth because I had 4 Sensors for 1 device (BT & HR). Then on other times, like you, no HR would be picked up. So I had to close the windows app at least a few times! Funny, I had no problems with Zwift running in Tandem.

Anyhow, Brennen from TR support did a little digging for me and found this on Ray’s @dcrainmaker site

"I did some research on this, and I found an informative comment thread on this [click] DC Rainmaker post. The comment thread starts on November 15, 2018, and it goes like this:

Dolan - “Picked up a Rhythm 24 about a month back to replace my lost Rhythm+. So far it works fairly well, but I’m running into an issue where the device switches to cycling mode on its own, and this seems to affect battery life. I can set it (via either the iOS or Android app) back to “heart rate only” mode, but then I notice the battery at draining more quickly than I expect. When I go back and check and the app says it’s on to “cycling” mode again. Really I just want a Rhythm+ with three times the battery life…. I could care less about the other modes. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Time for a warranty exchange?”

Brian - “This is the designed function of the device. The connected head unit switches the mode of the HRM. It is the same with most current HRMs. You can watch it happen on your phone if you have your HRM connected to your phone’s Scosche app while switching activities on your HU. One of the first things the HU does is send an Ant+ message to the HRM to switch into the matching mode. The HU will not tell the HRM to switch out of that mode when done, so the HRM will remain until the next use.”

Then, Dolan and Brian converse for a little, and a gentleman named Fred pops in the thread and says:

Fred - “The functionality is this: Garmin Cycling = ANT+ push R24 to Cycling mode, Garmin Running = ANT+ push R24 to Running mode, Garmin Swim (pool or open water) = ANT+ push R24 to HR only.”

It seems that the Scosche Rhythm 24 automatically going into ‘Cycling’ mode when paired with a Garmin head unit is standard functionality"

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Wow, great info. Thanks very much! I never would’ve figured that one out. Makes sense as I haven’t used Ant+ for TrainerRoad since I picked up a Garmin 520 head unit a few months ago. I use a Suunto watch for running and swimming, so it’s not pushing it into other modes. Not a huge deal changing the mode back on my phone, but a bit annoying.

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Does this happen when using Bluetooth?