HRM that works with Garmin forerunner 935 AND TR

I’m looking for an HRM chest strap that works with TR on my laptop and my Garmin Forerunner 935. I’ve scoured the internet but the only BLE ones I seem to find that are pretty good are the Wahoo Tickr X, which to my knowledge doesn’t send its metrics to the watch.
I could be wrong, but if anyone has any recommendations of what works for you I would be super appreciative.

Hey there!

The Wahoo Tickr is dual band (works via both ANT+ and BT4.0), so it is full compatible with both our app and your watch. It can pair with TrainerRoad via Bluetooth, and it can pair with your Forerunner via ANT+.

If you are looking outside the Wahoo Family of devices, look for the term “dual-band” for full compatibility with both of your devices.


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Hey there! Thanks for the response. It was my understanding that even though it can connect to the Garmin Forerunner 935 it doesn’t actually show the bulk of the data in Garmin connect but only the Wahoo app, which seems somewhat pointless to me. Am I just misunderstanding that?

For Bluetooth and ant+ I highly recommend the Scosche Rhythm+. Having gone away from a chest strap to an arm band I can’t see myself ever going back, it’s so much more comfortable. Check out DC Rainmaker’s review for all the details (as always)

It will stream HR however, if you go out for a run you will not get running dynamics data as you would with a Garmin HR strap. To use with TR where you only need to see HR readings you’re good to go.

Ah, I get what you’re saying now. Let me clarify.

There are actually two models of Wahoo TICKR.

The standard TICKR is a basic heart rate monitor that is fully compatible via both ANT+ or Bluetooth and will transmit Heart Rate data and Calorie Data. This model retails for $50.

The TICKR X on the other hand, is an upgraded model at $80, that adds some additional features. These features are primarily meant for running such as running analytics, treadmill mode, cadence measurement and running smoothness. The one cycling feature it does have is “indoor cycling cadence” . These “added features” on the TICKR X are Wahoo App exclusive and won’t work on your Forerunner 935. However, the basic features such as Heart Rate and Calorie Burn will still be tracked on any Bluetooth or ANT+ devices.

Ultimately, I’d recommend the standard TICKR since the upgraded features will not work with your watch.

I hope that clears things up!

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I already have the Garmin Forerunner 935 as a wristband HRM, so I don’t know that I want an additional one

It does. I was hoping there was one out there that did it all, but I guess my best bet is hoping that Garmin rolls out a dual band version so I can just have one band to swim, bike/train, and run.
Until then I’ll probably just get the tickr

Or get the Garmin HRM (if you want the extra running data) and an ANT+ dongle for your laptop. Multiple ANT+ receivers can connect to a single ANT+ device.

Garmin owns the company that manages ANT+ and has been slow to deliver Bluetooth options, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on a dual-band HRM from them.

The TICKR is rated IPX7, but I’m not sure I’d swim with it. (I own one. Twist-on CR2032 battery cover doesn’t inspire my confidence, but YMMV.)

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You can wear the Scosche on your upper arm, just under the sleeve of a t shirt or Jersey so no issues wearing a watch as well

Schosche rhythm works much better on the upper arm IMO. I wear mine just below bicep and it’s great there but terribly uncomfortable at the wrist. I’m pretty sure it would work fine on the leg too but I think not the best idea for cycling and besides Ild rather not rock the on bail convict look.

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I’ve also got a 935 -

If you’re using ANT+ on your laptop, then any ANT+ HR strap will work. I’ve used the Scosche Rhythm, Wahoo Tickr, standard (plasticy) Garmin and now I use the Garmin HRM-Tri which I find the most comfortable and consistent.

I get the running metrics when I’m out running with my watch, and it records HR well for both TR and my watch when I’m training indoors.