Which watch for HR to TR, TR to Health 🙂

Thanks @bbarrera, good info :+1:. I’ll give it a go later. Currently have my winter beater up on the turbo, and the gears are a bit of a mess. So I’ll be sticking to erg for the moment. But it’ll be nice to have all the sessions going to the bike computer so I can get some use out of the features.

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I was going down this route until the AT announcement


So I bought an HRM-DUAL which solves most of the problems for now, it pairs with everything. Writing to Health is via Strava and for some reason doesn’t include HR :roll_eyes:


Given that I have an Edge 530+ and an HRM DUAL, does this effect my choice of watch, or is it still 945 vs Fenix?

Sadly I’ll never have to track across the wilderness or jump across mountains like a Treadstone agent so I’m basically paying just to get my swim and run workouts into the Garmin ecosystem.

Just to keep things in the same ecosystem…

I would wait… chances of a 955 are very high within the next 1 or 2 months…

I could just get a Garmin Swim 2 £180ish perhaps?


but you do tris… and you probably want something to track power…

There will probably be decent sales on the 945, once the release date for the 955 is confirmed.

My Garmin F6X broadcasts the hr from my hrm-tri strap (ant+ only) to TR ios app just fine. I dont even need to be running an activity. It will also broadcast the on board hr sensor if you dont have chest strap on. Obviously getting a wahoo tickr/hrm dual is best of both worlds and have a tickr as a backup.

Any garmin watch that broadcasts hr will do it. 945 is good (had one) but I really have loved my F6X.

This is a few months old at this point, but I do use an Apple Watch with TrainerRoad. I use an app called HeartCast on both the phone and watch to broadcast HR data over Bluetooth. When the workout is done, TrainerRoad pushes my workout to Garmin, Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc. I then use an app called RunGap to suck the workout back into Apple Health. Its somewhat a messy workaround, but works great for my needs.

any news about new Garmin watches?

There is a “new” 945. It has LTE now.
Its very similar to old 945 tho.
No news on 955

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