Apple Watch as a HRM?

It is possible to use an Apple Watch as a HRM for TrainerRoad on iOS? I’ve found mine to display similar readings to my Polar H7 through TR and am tempted to just use the watch for TR sessions.

If so, it’ll remove one, albeit small, task helping me cram a 1 hour TR session inc showertime/ clothing changes into a 1 hour lunch break…

No, it will not transmit HR. Only a couple ways to make it work as HRM

  • TR develops a watch app
  • you export HR and use external app to merge with TR data and then delete TR workout and import new workout

I haven’t tested the second option above, but that should work. I’d make a backup of original TR workout just in case…

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Cheers, that’s what I figured. No biggie, but it would be so convenient!

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It would to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, it appears that wrist-based HR monitoring devices don’t track high intensity efforts very well, particularly those with lots of spikes in heart rate.

For high intensity running efforts for instance, I always wear a chest based monitor and have it paired with Apple Watch