TR with HRM, Garmin Fenix 6X and Strava

Hi all,

I just got a Garmin Fenix 6X Pro added to the setup. How would you guys put this in use?

I have a Spin bike + Assioma Uno powermeter + HR strap connect to TR on a phone.
TR uploads the workout to Strava and Garmin connect.
Works as a charm.

I tried a workout today adding the Fenix.
I paired the Assioma Uno and the HR strap to both Fenix and TR Phone.

This resulted, as expected, in two workouts in Garmin Connect
1 from Fenix and 1 from TR
The benefit from the Fenix workout is added data fields like Training Effect, Temperature and position.

On Strava the TR workout did not uploaded only the Fenix one.

Is it possible have TR workout shown with an image on Strava and also benefit from extra data from adding the Fenix watch? :sweat_smile: