40K TT Plan for Sustained Alpine Climbs (stage race)

I am doing Haute Route Alps in late August and have enough time to do 2 x speciality plans.

I was fortunate enough to get @chad 's input on my idea of doing:

Climbing Road Race

and then


HOWEVER: listening to @Jonathan talk on AACC ep. 013 he said doing a 40k TT plan for longer climbs would be a good idea. (i’ve heard the guys mention this several times actually)

My idea is to simply ride as best i can NOT to race as i am a relative newbie. So i was thinking developing my sustained power at close to threshold using 40k TT might be a good idea?

Either way my last phase will be the Century Plan but i now feel the 40k tt plan might be a better primer than climbing road race.

Would love any input as i have never done either type of plan or event.

basic info: FTP 270 … 4.5 w/kg … newbie … addicted to my riding indoors.

thank you in advance!


I assume you’re already taking the Sustained Build route?

If so, you can think of the 40k TT plan as almost a “second build” in that it will refine your sustained power near threshold.

However, it sounds like your approach to the ride is to just ride as best as you can, which to me means that you probably won’t be pushing near threshold too often, and hopefully staying at a lower %FTP throughout the ride to finish well. That’s where the Century plan will come in, refining your abilities to ride at a steady pace for a long time.

The Climbing RR specialty plan involves a lot of “attacking” type efforts, ones you probably won’t run into during Haute Route too often, according to the way you plan to ride it. Because of this, I’d also recommend trying the 40k TT plan before embarking on the Century phase.

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HI @larry - thank you so much for your reply!

Yes i am about 1/2 way through Sustained Build atm …

I really like idea of thinking of 40k tt plan as sustained power build prt 2.

Although i do intend to just get my own best time in HR - i find sometimes due to my FTP (in terms of raw watts) being quite low … i find to get up climbs in the 1st place my power has to up right around threshold. Even with decent gearing (11-32) when i hit 12-15% climbs around my area, my power has to increase to around threshold to make it up!

I hope i can bump my threshold up a few more watts but i don’t feel i have a lot weight to loose in a healthy way to raise my w/Kg - so i really am looking to get my FTP as high as possible so i can ride at a higher % of it for longer.

Thanks for your advice and confirming my idea (well @Jonathan 's really). DO you have any other advice training wise for long sustained 8-12% climbing ?

thanks dude!


Well, the one thing I’ll say is that we don’t usually recommend back to back specialty phases (like your plan to do 40K TT to Century).

We typically would rather recommend training in this format: Base > Base > Build > Specialty > Build > Specialty.

You can double up on Base as much as you want, but generally Build and Specialty come as pairs. In cases where athletes have the time available, we recommend re-building instead of doping two back-to-back phases. Build phases are over-extensions and create a lot of fatigue, whereas Specialty phases under-extend and serve to refine.

One notable exception is for CX racers or Crit Racers doing weekly races over the course of a long season, in which case they may repeat their respective Specialty Plans during their race season.

In your case, I would recommend taking a look at your plan and seeing if you have enough time to do the 40k TT plan after you finish the Sustained Build, then redoing the Sustained Build Phase before the Haute Route (and if you can, packing in the Century Specialty plan before your event). If you don’t have time, default to getting through as much as you can of the Build.

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awesome thanks @larry … so i have 24 weeks but am going to insert a 3week buffer in there for illness / maybe a training camp // life etc!

i am in week 3 of sustained build ATM … so not quite going to have time to fit it all in …

after your advice i think maybe i finish sustained power build and do 40k tt plan then aim for 5-6 weeks of sustained build (not sure which 1/2 ?) and then the last the 1/2 of century ?

does that sound OK?
thanks in advance