Which programme next - Supplementing outdoor rides

I’ve just completed a 4 month series of plans consisting of base, build and speciality. Very happy with where it got me to.

During this time, the programme was my core riding and then I supplemented it with 2 days a week of outdoor rides.

As we approach the summer months, I’d like to shift the focus towards riding how I want to outdoors and then to do 3 indoor rides each week to supplement the outdoors (i.e. outdoors is the core).

What should I be choosing / doing on the indoors side to maintain the fitness and improvements from the past couple of months? Should I just do TrainNow whenever I want a ride, or maybe manually pick one threshold and one vo2max each week within increasing rating numbers?

It be easier just to set up a LV plan builder plan with a theoretical A race at the end of the season; add weekend rides as fits and let the system do the thinking.

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Kinda depends what you want/need to work on. Weaknesses, limiters, strengths etc etc.

Set a goal first and then write or pick a plan to get you there. Weave into that which rides are best done indoors and which outdoors.

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