Which Plan for General Fitness

I’m not much of a “real” cyclist. I generally use my bike as a cardio supplement to resistance training.

Last year, I got a Wahoo Kicker Core, and I’ve been using it for rides on Zwift. The issue I’ve always had is that all the structured workouts on there are longer than an hour. Given how road racing works, that makes a lot of sense. That said, I’m not really looking to race.

I am basically looking to get on the trainer 3 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes a session. Again, the goal is basic cardiovascular fitness.

Do you think Trainer Road would be better for me than Zwift? I saw the time crunch workouts, but I also saw a lot of feedback on the forums saying they aren’t really that helpful.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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The Low Volume Maintenance and Time Crunch plans may be what you want.

The other option, if you are just looking for general fitness, is not to follow a plan, but just do what looks interesting from the 30 - 45 minute options on any given day.

If you feeling like sprint efforts, do that. If there’s a TV show you are into and feel like watching an episode, pick an endurance / tempo ride.