Which Build Plan for 6min power

My rides are normally focused around 6min power climbs and I was unsure which build plan to go for to help improve my 6min focus?


Sustained Power Build. Below are a couple of examples from the high volume plan.

Wilhelm +5 - 7x5 @ 108%
Kosciuszko +4 - 8x5 @ 108%
Elephants +5 - 6x7 @ 105-108%
Mt Hale +6 - 4x9 @ 105%
Dicks +5 - 5x8 @ 105%
Black Hawk +5 - 4x10 @ 105%

And those are just the supra-threshold workouts. There’s another progression for over/unders (first block) and sub-threshold (95-99%) (second block); VO2; and sweet spot.

General Build could work, too, but I think SusPB is what you’re looking for.



Excellent thanks

I second this. Sustained power build should work perfectly. I can confirm that build plan is extremely tough, but once you’re through it you should see the gains you’re looking for.

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Concur wholeheartedly. I’m on my second time through! :slight_smile:

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