Where to watch 2023 MTB world cup

Anybody know where to watch the 2023 mountain bike world cup races this year?


Just wondering where I need to spend my money :grinning:

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The first GCN show of 2023 let the cat out of the bag when Si said “and mountain biking” when they plugged GCN+ for the years racing. They said more would be released on GMBN but to date only Doddy has mentioned that GMBN will have people at each race to do behind the scenes footage.

So GCN+ is most likely to carry the racing.

As someone who lives in NZ, chances are the deal Sky TV has with UCI will scupper that. GCN+ has the Tour Down Under, but not in NZ. We never had RedBull do the World Champs either thanks to Sky, so always treated to pathetic commentary.

Hey @handynzl , check out GCN+. They have updated their territory restrictions for NZ and it looks like we have a heap more coverage including the World Cup racing.

I’m absolutely stoked, but also a little cautious that it won’t change either due to Sky being ******* or it being a mistake in listing it for us.

At this stage I’m really optimistic and very happy to be able to pay for a proper, quality streaming platform and get the coverage we want.

Are the races listed? They don’t appear in the upcoming races calendar in the app for me…

I don’t think you can see that far in the future on the app? It may not have been updated. I hope it’s not a clerical error and we’re stuck with the ineptitude that is Sky TV.

The app goes right through to October. No MTB shown. Got the Giro in there though, which is as they said we’d have.

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Update: I went ahead and paid for GCN+, since it appears that the world cup MTB races are on their schedule for the US subscribers.

Guaranteed to not be as good as with Red Bull, but hey, at least we can watch somehow :man_shrugging:


A little more information released today:

I’m covered with both GCN+ and Sky subscriptions. To be fair, I’m only really worried about the commentators they pick. They ones they choose for the World Champs and Olympics are pathetic, so here’s to hoping that it is someone at least a little bit in the know. I feel someone like Andrew Neethling could fill the colour position, but not as the main commentator. Jeremy Powers would be good for XC, but sadly, I think he knows very little about MTB, but at least he has passion in his voice!

The big concern with Sky getting the rights is they always have worse commentators, and no real on-demand service.

I’ll rear the PB article.

Hopefully all will be good on GCN+

I’ll stay tuned, but from what I can tell GNC will offer UCI XC racing coverage. If that’s the case, I’ll simply pay per month and cancel when the season is over since I’m not interested in anything beyond mountain bike coverage.

Smash that record button, and don’t forget to hit that record series button when you do, and then you’ll be notified when new content comes out…

Sorry…got YouTuber speak on my mind…

Are you sure GCN+ will carry 2023 MTB content in the US with Discovery having bought the rights? I would get GCN+ over Discovery but I am always weary of US sports subscriptions where you find out about all kinds of coverage exceptions on the date of the event when you find out you don’t have coverage…


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I have watched a world cup mtb for free on Red Bull. Is this no longer available?

According to the GCN Help page for the US it will be shown, I’ll be going this route.

Red Bull’s contract ended last year and will no longer be televising XCO.


GCN is usually very clear about what coverage is available in what country. I’ve had it since the very beginning, and I can only think of a couple instances where GCN said they would have coverage, but did not in the end (and it wasn’t GCN’s fault). That’s a long way of saying that based on GCN’s past performance, you can trust that page linked in an earlier post.

…and no downhill worldcups either on redbull.

I suppose they will still have coverage of their own-branded one-off events, like rampage and hardline. But haven’t heard anything for definite.

“If you are a Sky Glass or Sky Q customer hit the red button to see highlights alongside the live action.”

F1 fans will get this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: