GCN+ being closed, December 2023

GCN + and the app are closing up as of 19 Dec 2023. European markets will still have race coverage, but other markets will be out of luck.


Dear GCN+ Subscriber,

We are sending you this email as a valued subscriber of GCN+. We are very sorry to have to inform you that the GCN+ service and the GCN app will close on 19 December 2023.

For the rider who has everything… get them GCN

Didn’t find a buyer? Any inside info on whether streaming race coverage is getting picked up elsewhere in the US?

This really sucks, hopefully Eurosport coverage and app will remain but strange that gcn plus subscribers aren’t being pushed onto a digital Eurosport service? :man_shrugging:t2:


It should remain for the European customers (Eurosport or Discovery+). The “solution” for customers outside of the US should be announced soon.
Anyway, I didn’t see this coming, to be honest… :-/

:point_right: Here is everything we know so far.

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Yeah, it’s weird. It seems like they didn’t have a complete strategy, and everything is sewn with a hot needle. :man_shrugging:

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This is disappointing and not withstanding the employees being displaced just before Christmas I’ll miss their content and especially their Tour coverage.

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Well this sucks……best damn coverage out there. Definitely leaves us US subscribers in a lurch for a lot of key races. I’ll be damned if I give my money to FLO.

That said, I’m all honestly, I’m not terribly surprised. I could never work out how they were able to find their infrastructure and coverage on only $50 / year. Admittedly, we don’t know their subscriber base #’s, but when you are dealing with a niche sport, it could not have been huge.

And with other streaming services, that charge substantially more, struggling to turn a profit, the numbers just don’t add up.

I would have gladly paid 3-4x more annually….OK, maybe not gladly, but willingly. :wink:


This really sucks. I use GCN+ nearly daily – there’s always a race that I can put on and enjoy hearing the commentators as I work. It really expanded my awareness of the number of great races out there and brought me new favorites that I never knew existed.

I’ve been resisting VPN + Eurosport, but might be that time.


This sucks to see happen. I wonder if discovery sports or whatever is going to have the UCI mountain bike races? It now seems like red Bull should’ve never given away the rights to them.


Well it is more likely that they were simply outbid by GCN….

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it really suchs. Flo is tooooo expensive…


Too expensive, glitchy and they still stick ads in the middle of the coverage….I’d rather risk the viruses on TIZ than give my money to FLO….

Not to mention their unethical business decisions re: selling users’ data.


Interesting FAQ at the bottom states “The reason for shutting down GCN+ is because Warner Bros (the owner of GCN network) wants to offer more content on fewer platforms.”

I wonder if this will be true globally?

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Hard to say. The claim is based on the info from the official video announcement. The availability for “outside-Europe” customers is yet to be announced.

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Yeah, I expect this trend to continue….look at what Peacock, Paramount+ and MAX have done in recent months. They are consolidating different content platforms into one (or fewer) platforms.

So now on MAX you can find content from A&E, etc.

And the trend of more ads being inserted into your content (regardless of whether you subscribe or not) will only continue. Amazon Prime will begin this shortly, if they haven’t already.

Streaming services as a whole are not profitable, although some may be individually….but they are exceptions if they are. Expect more ads and rising subscription rates to continue.

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Yeah, and the new Max* app is a mess. It’s a real pita to find anything anymore.

*It will never cease to amaze me that of all the names they could have chosen, they went with the one that reminds many of us of the Skin-a-max of our youth.


So I’m going to get a refund of 50% on my remaining 6 months and then have to resubscribe to Discovery+ (part of the the same organisation )on their standard plan to get the cycling at double the price. Have I got that right.? Sounds a bit illegal to me. ( Not that I can do much about it)

This part is fine. I mean, let’s be honest.

Maybe. One thing is certain: you will not lose the privilege of giving someone your money for content. :smile: We just have to wait a bit to see who and how.

Yeah, I get that but it’s like they outbid them and now they’re shutting down. I just wonder if Warner/discovery is taking up all these races.
I’m really going miss all the racing and recaps of the major races as well as many other things.
I’m also not sure if I want to pay more money for another dang streaming service.

This sucks, GCN+ is one of the few subscriptions I felt like I got real value from. Just being able to watch the full CX season alone was worth the price, but not having to deal with shady bootleg streams for the spring classics etc. too.

I’m getting more depressed as I type. Hopefully someone in the US (please not flobikes) picks up all the coverage they had