UCI MTB World Champs Broadcast Rant

Nothing new here. It’s been the same crap year after year. It’s just that this time I’ve decided to be vocal about it.

From Pinkbike:

Red Bull TV is the official broadcaster for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI MTB World Cup, but they aren’t the only official global broadcaster for the 2022 World Championships. The UCI sells all its World Championships in one package so if a broadcaster wants to show the road event, they’ll get the mountain biking included as part of the deal too. Unfortunately, since mountain biking isn’t as high ticket as some other disciplines, it often isn’t broadcast live.

It’s not just the live broadcast. The replays aren’t available in the US either.

Do we really have to resort to using a VPN every damn time? ExpressVPN is $12.95 for one month. Not horrible, and I’m amused by the fact that the American broadcaster doesn’t get a dime of it. But still.


Your choice is a $150 annual subscription to Flobikes - for which you get changing schedules, ads, and really bad coverage for anything that is produced by Flobikes. Or get a VPN, some as cheap as $3-4 month. And can easily buy a monthly subscription. Then you can choose between RedBull coverage or GCN if you happen to have. GCN even has the U23 races. I will let you guess which option I chose. :slight_smile:

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Replays for free….