MTB World Championships

Is anyone watching the MTB WC Relay, or better yet know how to watch it. I’m watching the live timing and have no idea what’s going on. Know they are through lap 3 but who’s riding (Men’s, women’s, juniors?)

I know @Jonathan mentioned it on the podcast. The race looks intriguing, do you think they’ll post a video?

The UCI are proper tools when it comes to this stuff, so I doubt it it’s been streamed anywhere online.
One of the riders were live streaming it and got told to take it down.

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RedBull TV will have the Men’s and Women’s XCO and DH finals but that’s it.


That’s lame! I’m hoping there is a replay! Want to see the US medal. And it looks like Nino did a crazy effort to win it.

I don’t know if this link helps or not depending on your location

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Not for the US they won’t. You’ll need NBC sports

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That’s a bummer! How do you know that?

It’s on the Red Bull TV site. They are broadcast globally except in the US and Australia and one or two others.

In the US you need the NBC Sports Gold Package for cycling.

(I’m honestly still bummed I didn’t get to see the relay race, and not going to get to see Batton tear up the U23 field, but the consolation is I’ll get to see Kate defend her title)

I’m confirming Red Bull TV will not have this playing in the US? I don’t have the NBC gold app (don’t watch any cycling apart from World Cup), is there a way around this… VPN?

There are a few VPNs that I used when I lived in England so I could watch TV shows on my Comcast account and whatnot. I’m drawing a blank on what it is called though. I remember it had a google chrome plugin

Hola Unblocker is the one I used for a long time. I think the free version just offers 30 minutes at a time though?

VPN is the route I’ve heard most people say.

I have NBC Sports Gold which will have the same feed as Red Bull, but I’m still holding out hope Red Bull actually is usable in the US for the announcers. The last two years, even though NBC has had exclusive US rights, when it came to race day I was still able to access on Red Bull.

I found out through pinkbike, but some of the other links that users posted in this thread will tell you that

After listening to the NBC broadcast for 5 minutes I’m not too confident. Audio is not right.

Seems to have gotten better. That first 10 was rough. Ha

Not the kind of thing you expect to see sitting out in front of a steel plant in Terrell, TX!