MTB World Champs US (and others) geo-block

I just discovered that Saturday’s MTB World Championships will be geo-blocked on Red Bull TV in the US and some other countries. Really bummed about this! Anyone have any work-arounds for watching either live or after? Is it blocked because it’s on another platform?

It’s showing up on my schedule for NBC Sports Gold. So that’s probably why it’s blocked on Red Bull

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You could use any VPN client that allows your IP address to be from country “X” which isn’t geoblocked…

It is being shown on NBC Sports in the USA. Not sure if it will be on the main channel, but it is definitely available through NBC Sports Gold Cycling package. It is $54 for the whole year and you get a lot of live ad-free content, including the Tour de France without ads (which in my mind if worth it for that alone). Just depends how much other bike racing you watch.

Yep, I’ll just set my VPN for somewhere in Europe, and it will work. That’s what I’ve done in past years.