Where to watch 2023 MTB world cup

My comment was general and not about GCN+. But if they said they would cover in US then that’s great! I also like their Irish presenter with the funky socks.

Highly likely GCN+ will carry this, somewhere on Earth.

Simply use a VPN with GCN+ in NZ. It’s what I do, as I’m also based in NZ.

I once used Sky for cycling, my God the commentary was hideous.

I’d recommend TunnelBear or NordVPN. There are many other good options.

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I’m disappointed with the change. RedBull TV was free and I think their coverage was one of the reasons World Cup viewership had increased, it was good. I will give it a chance just because I like watching it during my TR workouts

Racing has started this weekend, here’s fresh froth from Josh in Maydena. Almost worth starting a new thread to leave the negativity behind. Looks great!

Posted this in another thread, but this is probably the better place. There’s an MTB section on GCN+ now, and it’s got all the WCs loaded into it. Also got a bunch of Enduro races on there too.

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„… while titan of the sport Bart Brentjens will fulfil the same role for cross-country“
Great news to still have Bart on the coverage.