Where to do 20min FTP test in Austin, Texas?

If anyone knows any good segments of road or gravel in Austin to do a FTP test let me know. I’m on a MTB so I won’t be going very fast.

i’d scroll through the strava pages and prob the best bet to find a segment that is close enough that you can ride too. Good luck and crush it!!!

You can start at the bottom of River Hills off of Bee Caves. Go clockwise. Once you hit Bee Caves go right. That will minimize the downhill sections but there are 2 that you will just have to pedal down but on the MTB you should be fine without spinning out. Go all the way towards the Galleria until you hit your 20 minutes. There is one light that might catch you and one that most likely will not. Try it first and see what you think but I’ve used it before. Southwest Parkway is ok but I don’t care for the traffic as much there. 620 is just too busy these days with too many lights.

I’ve ridden that countless times and I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I actually found a segment called “Pedernales to RR12” on Strava. For me the climb is going to be over 20min and I can ride to it. I don’t like riding on Hamilton Pool but i’ll do it really early so it’s cooler and has less traffic.

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That works too I ride that one a lot as well. Enjoy and good luck!

Funny Tolley just posted this but going down not up…