Where did you ride OUTSIDE today? (2019 & 2020)

Nobody else been riding outside?!

Sped over to the local “amateur crit” ride yesterday, put up some nice PRs for power numbers for 2019. Then sliced a GP4000sii with only 125 miles on it on the ride home (hence the long pause for flat change). Glass cut right through the tread and vectran layer, tire bulges when inflated and is toast

Did the same loop I always do, but did a bunch of stupid hard stuff. Fartlek, it works for my temperament and attention span.

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Went hunting yesterday, bagged 5 KOMs, on one I took the lead by 58 seconds

My good ol, exciting commute.
There was an unusual back up of traffic due to a streetcar breaking down and cars were all over the place in the lane. So i passed everyone while walking my bike.
Quite satisfying.

I live in a very big city where there is a very famous bicycle race finishes its tour every year (paris), I have no chance to get any KOM here :smile:

Fantastic early fall day here in the Chicago area…blue sky, not a cloud in sight, temps in high 60’s.

Lunch ride on local trails…just rolling, enjoying the day. These guys decided to sit in the path for a few minutes so I just stopped an watched 'em. Quite enjoyable…


Out and back to the top of Mt. Constitution Orcas Island, WA USA. Awesome Fall day but BRRRRR on the descent from the summit. Fall has arrived. 48 miles and 5600 feet.

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This little ride. 1600ft up, 8000ft down. Epic.


Cross race. Possibly the muddiest I have ever done. I’ve been sick all week, so my performance was shit, but it felt great to be outside.

Unseasonably beautiful weather up in the wet and rainy north, so I dragged hubby outside with me instead of spinning through Boarstone. He gave me a lovely tow at the end. :relaxed:



We have something here called the Covered Bridges Ride which goes through several historic covered bridges. I missed the official ride last weekend so played make-up on Saturday. Just in time too since they are closing one of the bridges down for renovations/maintenance tomorrow. Set lots of PRs, completed the entire 65mi 4600ft route in 3:22, less just 3 minutes for gel stops. Kept moving the entire time, did not take any breaks. Definitely one of my harder efforts this year, and I snagged 2 KOMs by over a minute each!


I’m in India right now. It feels like bliss.

I raced my mountain bike on Saturday.
3 lap course (~37 miles), with the final two miles of each lap going up a ski hill. Numbers wise, I was super stoked with my effort (There is a very good chance my FTP is higher than stated, but I’m avoiding a ramp test, as my racing season ends in two weeks). The field was stacked, everyone raced hard, and had a great time.


First outside ride for a few weeks due to combination of a throat infection and smoke from bush fires - wind was blowing from south now coming in from the east and we are smoked in again.

For anyone reading the Nate coming to Australia thread, this photo is from the top of one of the climbs - there are better photo spots however they are mid climb.


I was out on my fat bike this weekend, no power meters or HRMs, so just riding. We were bivvying out overnight and woke to 15cm of fresh snow that hadn’t been forecasted. We’re heading to the skyline at top right, it took 2hrs for 5km! Probably just as well there’s no power file :grin: I mentioned that it’s probably my slowest ever time for that particular Strava segment.


Three hour endurance spin yesterday. It turned out to be one of those ‘it’ll make me tougher’ rides.

At the furthest point from home, the heavens opened and it was freezing cold, wind driven rain from there to my front door. At one point I had to stop because my hands were so cold, I couldn’t feel my brake levers and I wasn’t safe. No joke, my fingers hurt so much, I think I would have cried if my tear ducts weren’t frozen.

Any-hoo, I got my three hours done and I’ve got a reason to buy new gloves :wink:


It was well worth it to have a new kit excuse then!

I used disaster day as a reason to buy new shorts haha

north of Memphis TN! Been a bit cloudy here lately, and damp, but not raining, so outside I go!

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Lead the last team ride of the year yesterday. Around here, every other road is flooded and it took all of my local knowledge to make an hour and a half ride on the fly. Still, variety is the spice of life and we got filthy so fun was had. Even stopped for coffee which is a rare treat :slight_smile: