Where did you ride OUTSIDE today? (2019 & 2020)

So we have a “What TR Workout did you do today” thread, but those are limited in variety since everyone just has access to the same workouts, lets mix this up! Share where you rode outside today: was it long? was it steep? did you take a segment you’ve wanted to on strava? did you take a trip to a new route or trail? perhaps you set a new PR for power or speed?

Let’s try to keep this for just rides, not outdoor TR workouts.


There’s a punchy little hill-climb I’m determined to beat my previous best on later today. It’s become my white whale.

Did it for the first time last Monday when I spotted two club cyclists heading up. Sat on their wheel during the steepest section because I could not have passed without blowing up, but judging by my two efforts since, it was a useful pace guide.

I run 52-36 / 11-28 and was doing 40 RPM in my 25 at points.

My dad’s PR is a minute faster – though he was on his e-bike – so I’m determined to beat it.

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I’ve got a segment like that locally too, short, steep, and super punchy. My first time up it I was on a bike with 50/34 and an 11-32, had to walk twice because it was so bad, finished in 4:00+. Next year I had a new bike with a 50/34 11-28 and some more fitness and did a 2:57. Following year (last year) I was on a 52/36 11-28 with even more fitness, did a 2:37.

This year on same gearing with some TR under my belt, I did a 2:19 averaging over 500w, set my 1 min power PR at 656w. Was at 190bpm+ for about 2 minutes and ended up placing 8th out of over 1000 people. The 2:02 KOM is set by a rider whos 50lbs lighter than me, so unlikely to ever snag it, but all I wanted was to be in that top 10 with some local legends. If I can shave another 4 seconds however, I’ll be in the top 5, but I really don’t even want to think about attacking that hill again this year.


Yesterday I tried out the “borrow-a-bike” scheme my town has just put in place. I rode around the park on a show-pony bike which had to be braked by pedalling backwards and had a massive wobbly basket on the front. The only redeeming feature that it was almost Celeste coloured.

It made me grateful for my actual bikes :slight_smile:



uh yeah no thanks


62% looks more like a temporary GPS error

Heh. My own recording has its max at 23% :sweat_smile: I note there’s a good number of users from the TrainerRoad Strava group who have completed it. I recognise a few names from the forum on there.

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I did a marvellous easy 30 mile ride around the Dordogne with a family member who doesn’t cycle as often as me. Great recovery ride and long gentle climbs in amazing scenery.

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These are always fun. I take my wife on a flat gravel path by our house sometimes. Good ride for her, super super easy ride for me, I actually tend to wear my HR strap for these to see just how low I can get my average HR, I think last time I averaged 84 BPM

I’m still in Nebraska and have taken to riding on this crushed limestone trail (since I’m kind of sick of the gravel roads after spending 10hrs toiling away on them this past weekend). Today I went 40miles, conceivably I can follow the trail 40 miles each way, I don’t think I’ll get to do it this time but I’ll keep riding the trail for endurance stuff this week since it’s supposed to be a recovery week anyway before the 2nd half of CX specialty. It was already hot at 10 when I got a chance to leave, Garmin says I’m 9% heat adapted.

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Im in North West England and preparing to ride in Calpe , Spain for two weeks as a CX base, but with a 60 mile championship road race the day after I return. So today was a 2hr 30 endurance ride, mostly zone 2, keeping the chain tight. About 8 mile from home i had a 1ml climb with a 14% section near the top.
My bike for Spain is an old aluminium Ridley, fitted with light wheels, tyres and brakes, gearing 50:34 with 12-25 cassette. I dont take a carbon bike abroad as I can take a new dent but not a snapped tube. Wheels are normal spokes so can get a spare if needed. Riding Vittoria Evo 23mm tyres, old style but run great on smooth roads. Bonus is the Vuelta comes to Calpe this Sunday.

(What does this mean?)

Keeping the chain tight = no freewheeling. Keeping a constant pressure on the pedals where possible.

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Got it, thanks!

Longest ride ever today at 83km:


All the stops going up the hill are where I came to terms not being able to climb a 15-20% grade. Maybe I was too fatigued from threshold intervals yesterday, more likely I just don’t have the raw power, but I didn’t walk!

It was a nice day outside Bergen:

husband "being artistic"


rode pretty much the same loop I always do

First time I did this ride in 2016 I finished in a bit over 7 hours at 14.1mph
Second time I did this ride in 2017 I finished in 6:15 at 16.6mph
Skipped in 2018, smashed it this year! Tough route, first 20mi are fairly flat and then its 80mi with around 5500ft of climbing

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Last weekend I did my biggest ride to date, at a pretty brisk pace as well. My buddy had to catch a flight so we went out for 50mi early, then he split off and I felt good so I hammered another 70mi solo. Would have kept going if I didnt catch a flat and have a stripped co2 tank, had to wait 30mins for a friend with a pump and just ran out of time. I have my sights set on a 150mi this fall


Tried to do a “recovery spin” outside instead of Pettit inside, but this is about as flat as it gets here:

Snagged 1 KOM, tied for KOM on a second, and collected a host of trophies. Trying to ramp up for another century this weekend.

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