Where are the sprint workouts

So did a mv program before a road stage race in march, lots of threshold and vo2, no sprint work and i was to tired to add it. Of course racing, i was there at the pointy end only to get burned.
Just started a crit program, racing series in july and not a sprint workout to be seen .
TR talk a lot about sprint training, but what the hell. I can see the Vo2 focus is going to mean getting recovery right is crucial. And that means there’s no room for extra work. Thoughts, anyone, chad?

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What actual training phase are you in at the moment?

You may have set a crit as your target event, but depending on when you set your plan start date, and the time you have before that, you may be in a Base or Build phase now instead of a Specialty phase (where the sprints exist).

See my screen grab of the Crit Specialty, and all the Anaerobic workouts shown. Do note that this plan is specific to my current levels, so your view of the same plan will likely look a bit different.

So, check your actual phase and see where you are. Depending on your goals, you may need to change what you set for your plan start date, or increase your Experience level in the Plan Builder to get the full and proper Specialty phase.

So fundamentally what im experiencing is the difference between having a human coach and using a TR plan

Not sure if that’s a question or a statement, since there is no period or question mark?

  • If you want to go really wide angle, then maybe that’s true.

The way a plan lands on your calendar depends on the inputs you set during the Plan Builder process (assuming you did that vs just adding training plans manually in the “old way”). The settings you set for things like Experience, Start Date and Target Events all drive the end result of the plan as it lands on your calendar.

It’s possible the settings you have in place are not actually getting you to the Specialty phase. We really need more specific info on your calendar to help on the forum. Or, you can contact support@trainerroad.com directly for help. They have full access to far more info than we do at this level, and is maybe the best next step to help with your questions.