When you realise all the hard work is starting to pay off

A small achievement, but it made all the hard work on the trainer, watching the diet etc etc so worth it.

Despite feeling tired from the weekend ride - suddenly a modest local rise that I’ve always found uncomfortable was almost fun! Got back and did a double take - I was faster on my 11.5kg winter bike over the steep bit than I’d ever been on my 7.5kg summer carbon bike.

Oh - and the comment - “you used to be a better windbreak”

Cheers TR!

Well chuffed!

Anyone else had a moment like that lately?


First @PT1, congratulations! The work is work, and it happens in solitude for the most part. The fun part is taking those gains into the world and seeing that we really have changed ourselves through training.

Had a similar moment myself on the first couple group rides with the local MAMILs. Been riding periodically with this group of guys for a couple years, and generally speaking the pecking order is pretty established. I was a mid-pack guy on a good day. This winter I trained with more commitment and dropped 10 kg.

This year, I’m suddenly finding myself on the front with the big dogs. Saturday, our social ride hit the first little climb of the day and I happened to be pulling. I didn’t do anything special and took a moderate approach. Coming over the rise, someone yelled up that I had dropped half the field.

Oops? :slight_smile:


Great work @PT1 and @Bthoffma! I also had a similar experience this past Sunday. I rode my fatbike (it’s +12 lbs heavier and a ton of rolling resistance) on my local trail and had PRs on certain segments :flushed::exploding_head::grinning:! The sections I didn’t PR they were my 2nd best and I wasn’t really killing it. What’s the point of riding my XC race steed if I can PR on my fatbike, lol. Man it’s nice to see a winter’s work pay off. I can’t wait for the weather and trails to dry out so I can start ripping my XC bike with all this new fitness :leg::hammer::mountain_biking_man:t3:‍♂.


My numbers have been looking good through the winter, training exclusively indoors. It’s now spring and I’m getting a chance to see how my training has gone. I’ve entered 3 crits this season and came away with incrementally better results in each race, culminating this past weekend with my first ever podium in my entire life. It was all worth it for that sweet moment.


First ride on the road this year that I actually pushed on, smashed several KOMs that I’ve ridden lots of times. I had to stop an calibrate my powermeter a couple of times as I was convinced it was reading high!!!


I had 2 of those moments on a spirited club ride this weekend. There’s a very popular climb in our area (23k on Strava have climbed it). 20mins is the gold standard which takes 4.2WpKg. I’m targeting September for that and set Saturday’s target at 23:00 and found myself at 22:23 without going anaerobic.

The 2nd (same ride) was an 8mi @ 8% climb. I purposely started out at the back and paced myself picking off about 15 riders, including the 2018 Women’s 55+ CX national champion (I’m 61, Cat 5) and during the last 10 mins found myself trading pulls with a former Cat 2 podium finisher with me taking the sprint finish. I think he was as shocked as I was :slightly_smiling_face:


I can definitely see the improvement I’ve made over the Winter this year. Comparing my times on various segments in March this year against March in the last few years I’m about 20-30% faster than I normally am. I’m either the same speed or faster as my Summer performances. Normally I’d have ridden maybe 2-3 times by now in a normal year and would feel pretty weak.

Looking forward to getting out on my clubs weekday social rides again now that the clocks have changed (in the UK) and ripping everyone’s legs off on the climbs!


Well done on the second place paulgrav. I wasn’t able to hang around to see your podium as the Mrs had to be at work. I finished the race at the back of the pack not the pointy end like you but I was pleased with my improvements and can only have done so with the help of TrainerRoad. Looking forward to the next one now :blush: Ill probably be back at York for the 3RT day at the races, you might have got your cat 3 by then though.

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Thanks. It was a pretty special moment for me, one I never thought I’d experience.

Yeah, only 3 points away from being permanently ineligible to enter cat. 4 races. Scary! I’ve entered both the cat. 4 and the cat 3/4 for the 3RT day at the races :grinning: o I’m covered in either case. Even though my legs may be cooked for the 3/4 it will still serve as valuable experience. Love the York track!