Fallen off the wagon

Obviously I’m not going to be on a small group here, and don’t know if I’m really asking for do/don’t but like to hear it anyways. I’m sure for some the last couple months have been great for training and yes it sorta started off that way. Both my wife and I are “essential” and and starting to tick upward I’m my time off business. Mentally training was going well until March but really has been off the rails consistency wise. I did splurge on some good dumbbells/kettlebells/bench/dip/pull-up bars last summer during an injury and have really dove into that 3-4 times a week. I’m still dealing with said injury from running so my riding should be going up yet it isn’t. I’m in the public and really don’t venture out beyond my immediate family and don’t see it but really was never a social rider. On a side note I’m probably “needing” to drop 25 ish pounds and am considering making this as my #1 priority as this year really have to immediate races planned. I’m toying with don’t some IF (intermittent fasting) as a means to drop some pounds. Obviously training as higher end intensity as I’m used to will have to drop down. Has anyone done this? As I reached my “goal” weight would start to motify my training/diet. With everything going on in these uncertain times anyone else in this boat? Or been in this boat? I still love riding don’t get me wrong and my riding has increased well as due to TR. Maybe I’m just venting but thanks for the ear maybe that’s all I need. Cheers and keep hammering!


Hey, These are really tough times. Be kind to yourself. Train when you can, but when life happens you got to cut yourself some slack. This is a long game, and it helps to think in terms of seasons and years.

Welcome to the TR.


Hi there!
I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself- I think a lot of people have taken a hit motivation-wise in the last couple of months, and being an essential worker would put you in an especially tough position. I’m one of the people that ended up with more time to train, and although volume has gone up I’m finding it a struggle to stick to a consistent plan. It’s frustrating, but I think it’s worth remembering that everything’s a bit “off the rails” now, and we all need a bit of extra patience with ourselves. :slightly_smiling_face:
It sounds like you’ve managed to keep up a good exercise habit, which is half the battle! It’s also not necessarily a bad thing that you’re cycling less while focusing on weight training- strength and cycling gains can sometimes be at odds with each other, so it’s a good idea to focus on one or the other at any given time. And with no events on the horizon, now is a perfect time to be focusing on skills that aren’t necessarily as race specific, so it could end up being a good thing!
I don’t have a lot of experience with IF, but I imagine it would be very dependent on what your training looks like, what your goals for that training block are, and when you plan to schedule your workouts relative to your food intake.