Quick payoff from the TR

Doing a relatively small amount of Trainer Road has a big payoff.

This month, did about 5 TR sessions plus some good outdoor rides and took podium in a fun 25 minute MTB short track race against a few guys I haven’t beat before. You know the guys I’m talking about. They live next to the trails and ride all the time.

Went from second at the start, to fourth in the first couple minutes - and then back to second during the remainder. Felt good making those passes!

Testing in the 230s and climbing. Calendar loaded for the next 2 months before XC season starts. We’ll see what happens!


Hah! remember training = rest, so once your body got its training impulses it improves while resting, so you improve even when not doing hours and hours but doing your session hard as prescribed.

Yes, I struggle with doing too much too soon. Last week, had to lay off due to plantar fasciitis flaring up.