When to peak and when not to peak is the question

Looking at next years calendar, I have set up the TR plan builder for next year. I have added all my races accordingly…
my question is late next year I start the main focus of the races season which is a XC race it’s a once a week race from September to the end of December. There are some breaks in there so it’s not every weekend but it boils down to 9 races in three months… my question is when should I be peaking mid to late season or end of season?

With that type of schedule you can peak twice based upon the 8 week rule between A-Races. If it was me, I would set the last or 2nd to last race as an A-Race first. Then work backwards at least 8 weeks and set another A-Race. Once you have your two A-Races set - use the new Plan Builder and you will be set!

Keep in mind, you may need to take a week off after an A-Race. Nice thing about the Plan Builder is that it seems to take in account you just finished an A-Race, so it doesnt necesarily force you to beginning of SweetSpot Base for the next peak. It comes up with best plan based upon current fitness and time allowed, but it needs at least 8 weeks between A-Races.

If it were me, I’d peak in the middle (or whichever I choose to be most important) and then maintain for the rest of the races. You can hold on to most of the fitness with just the racing and making sure to rest for the days in between.

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Looking at the plan Im able to peak twice in that series. I have 2 main races one is 5 weeks long and another is 12 weeks long between May thru December… is that stretching it to much?

Not sure I totally understand the time frame between your two main races, but if it is at least 8 weeks then you should be good. Plan builder will not allow A races to be closer than 8 weeks. If you don’t have at least 8 weeks between, then just make one a B race and let plan builder do the rest. It will do a good job either way.