When to do weights (strength training)?

Quick one this no doubt, doing SSB MV1.

T - moderate
W- easy
T- moderate

S- difficult
S- easy

What day or days would you drop some Weight sessions, CrossFit etc into the plan? I’m thinking Monday?

Pair it with a training day if possible. Doing it on a day off from the trainer is going to reduce your weekly recovery time

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Adding to that, you are best to separate the Strength Training (weights) from Endurance Training (bike) by as much time as is practical.

  • Ex: Do Strength Training in the morning, and do Endurance Training in the evening, both on the same day.

That is done because the physiological goals of each effort are typically counter to each other and you will get the best return from each when they are separated, not done on the heels of the other.

See the main Strength Training thread for full info:

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