Timing of Strength Training - Same day as rides?

I am currently doing a SSB plan with rides on Tue, Thur, and Sat. I am conflicted on what days to add in my off season strength training. I always ride in the morning and do strength early afternoon. If I do strength on M,W,F then I tend to be pretty sore for my rides the next morning. If I do strength on the same day as the rides (Spacing them out by 8 Hours) I am adhering to keep the hard days hard and easy days easy. I also run on Wed and Sun. Thoughts on what is best…strength on the same day as rides or on alternate days? Thanks!

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Coach Chad shares some principles here, in this lengthy thread.

You will also find LOTS of info on routines and timing in that thread, as one of the kingpin topics on strength training here.

I do strength days on the same day as TR workouts. I think it depends on what the primary focus is eg running, strength or cycling as to what to takes priority

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Really just depends on your body. Try it out and see how you react.

For the most part, it seems most people do well having them on the same day (bike morning, strength afternoon/evening) with at least 4-6 hours apart. Rest the next day. It’s what I do now and seems to work OK. Then again, a few years ago, I was doing the opposite with similar results just because of my schedule. Never hurts to give it a try.

Thanks. Appreciate your perspective! My focus on the off season is definitely cycling.and doing base work now in prep for some power builds starting around 1 February.

Thanks. Great article! Based on what my body is telling me now I’m going to try it on the same days. I’m a bit older at 51 and the extra full rest days are a factor.

I lift in the morning and ride in the evening. Reason being, if I’m unexpectedly fatigued while riding I miss power targets (or it just hurts more than I expect it to) but lifting I could hurt myself.

Makes sense. For me with two youngish kids, the only time I can reliably have time to ride is early in the morning before anyone gets up. Then I have a gym at work which I can use in the afternoon.

I like the strength on the hard ride days, especially this time of year, but I lift first, then ride 2-4h later. It seems to help with my recovery too so that I’m less sore the next day.

Once race season approaches or an important build phase, I might keep the lifts on the hard day, but if the intervals are long (like long Over unders) I might take a little weight off or a few less reps so I can complete the bike work fully.

Good luck!